Scaling and Polishing

Brushing your teeth twice a day or eating an apple once a day might keep the dentist away for some time but eventually, just like everyone else, your teeth will require professional cleaning. Scaling has become a routine procedure at a dentist’s clinic around the world. This is the process of removing tartar or plaque that builds up over time on your teeth with professional tools..

Why is Scaling and Polishing So Important?

Even though brushing your teeth or flossing can do wonders to improve your oral hygiene, plaque and tartar can find a way to grow even in the healthiest of teeth. Scaling and polishing is an affordable, professional procedure that cleans the teeth in places where normal flossing or brush bristles can’t reach.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Sometimes a numbing agent is applied to make the process more comfortable. After plaques and tartar are removed, polishing is done to remove any stain on the teeth and leave a shiny appearance.

How Should I Schedule My Scaling?

We recommend that you get your teeth cleaned through scaling and polishing at least twice a year.