Wisdom Tooth Surgery

When you reach a certain age (usually in your early 20’s), it’s not uncommon to experience the typical wisdom tooth pain. Characteristically described as a pressure pain at the ends of your teeth and discomfort in your jaw, wisdom tooth pain is a common complaint at any dentist’s clinic throughout the world.
While some wisdom teeth grow out just fine and cause no symptoms, others might require an extraction surgery.


Why Do Wisdom Teeth Hurt?

Wisdom teeth are a normal set of molars that erupt in early adulthood. The problem with these teeth is that sometimes they grow out in awkward angles, which can affect teeth alignment and cause pressure on the gums. An impacted partially erupted wisdom tooth causes pressure pain. If left untreated, these teeth could invite infection and swelling of the gum.

Because of their location, these teeth are also difficult to clean and keep healthy. This further makes infection and cavities more likely. That’s why many people choose to get their wisdom teeth removed even if they don’t have distressing symptoms.


Wisdom Tooth Surgery at Vivid Dental Surgeons

If you need to get your wisdom tooth removed, there’s no better place to get the extraction done than in our clinic. We make use of the safest, comfortable and minimally-invasive methods to access your oral cavity and take out the wisdom tooth, impacted or complete. Small stitches are placed which can be removed in a couple of days after the area has healed. The cost for wisdom tooth surgery is one of your concerns, but wisdom tooth extraction medisave is available at Vivid.

Is Wisdom Tooth Surgery Painful?

Contrary to popular belief, modern wisdom tooth surgery is pain-free. We use a numbing gel that anaesthetizes the area of the mouth. Some patients also prefer IV sedation for an even more comfortable experience. Leran more about tooth extraction here.

What Happens After the Extraction?

Dental implants are the standard treatment of choice when:

Your dentist will prescribe you some antibiotics to ward off any infection and painkillers for post-op pain. We recommend avoiding smoking, forceful chewing and hard foods during the period of healing. A follow-up visit is necessary to get the stitches removed.