Braces (Orthodontics)

Sometimes the secret to the picture-perfect smile is just proper teeth alignment. This can be achieved through braces or orthodontics. Our orthodontic treatment at Vivid Dental Surgeons includes metal, ceramic, damon and ceramic damon braces placement for the ideal symmetry.
Not only do braces cosmetically improve your appearance, but they also make chewing more comfortable. For braces in Tanjong Pagar, book an appointment at our clinic today!.


Why Get Braces?

Teeth misalignment is the most common cause that makes people consider getting braces. Other problems such as crowded or overly spaced teeth, ectopic teeth, missing teeth, or a dental/gum disease can also necessitate braces placement.

Similarly, accidents can cause teeth to break or fall out of line. In such cases, orthodontics can be helpful to restore a healthy smile.

Types of Braces

Currently, there are two types of braces used all around the world – fixed or removable. The difference between the two is fairly apparent: fixed braces are permanently attached to the teeth and can only be removed by a dentist while removable braces can easily be taken out whenever needed such as during meals or brushing teeth.

For braces Tiong Bahru, consult with our team of dental surgeons to help you choose what will suit you best.



What is the types of metal braces?

Metal braces (Conventional braces) is the most common and popular form of treatment and consist of metal brackets of tooth, rubber bands and an archwire. Metral braces cost is relatively cheap and coloured rubber bands are available. However, most noticeable type and less hygienic braces. Sharp ends of brackets often cause mouth ulcers.


What is the ceramic braces VS metal braces?

Ceramic braces consist of ceramic or plastic brackets. It can be either convertional or self-ligating. It is less noticeable than metal braces but ceramic braces cost is higher. Ceramic braces stain can occur easily without proper dental care.


What is the lingual braces disadvantages and advantages?

Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth and less noticeable. However the lingual braces for overbite is limited. Speaking and Eating with lingual braces are relativelry difficult. It is also difficult to clean and more expensive.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

Our dentists at Vivid Dental Surgeons will carefully assess your teeth and decide the best course of action for you. The treatment period is variable and depends upon how much alignment is required. Typically the treatment can last anywhere from 18 months to two and a half years.

The procedure is safe and comfortable with little invasive approach.

Pros of Orthodontics

  • Better cosmetic appearance and a healthy smile
  • Lower risk of infection of the gums and teeth because symmetrical teeth are easier to clean
  • Chewing and biting becomes more comfortable
  • Less stress on the joints and muscles of the face
  • Lower risk of trauma to the teeth